Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cleveland Asian

We went to Li Wah toady, a local restaurant on the near east side of Cleveland (The owner there said they also have a slightly different operation on the west side). We had been there before and it was notable for having both authentic Chinese food (yum) and B.S. American Chinese stuff. We were expecting a regular meal, but were surprised by the fact that the lunchtime meals consist of a about a half dozen carts with all kinds of Dim Sum and whatnot on them. It was all so good, it was basically a buffet that came to you so you couldn't even fool yourself into thinking you were getting exercise by walking back and forth to a bar. As well when you have to just sit there and eat what is basically finger food, it's real easy to fool yourself into thinking you can have just one more thing to eat.

I'll also make mention of Korea House*, which serves fairly authentic Korean cuisine. Like the Li Wah, if you don't know how to use chop sticks you'll get to suffer the humiliation of asking your server, who "no speekee engrish very good", for regular silverware.

*(Why don't these places have their own websites? You can get a great business website for much, much less than $100 a year. If nothing else they could even mooch a Blogger site for free. Most of the reviews on the different sites sounded like hit jobs posted by a friend of a competitor).

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