Friday, April 21, 2006

Old School RPG

Back in the day, RPGers had any number of options, but it seemed to boil down to the sci-fi offerings of Palladium books, or the Tolkien-esque D&D stuff from TSR. I took a liking to D&D, but of course TSR has long since been sold and has been limping along under Wizards of the Coast. Palladium, I figured, had bit the big one along with any other number RPGs when electronic RPGs squashed their market. You can then imagine my shock when I saw an appeal from the owner emploring for help in saving his company from the impact of some horrific theft of some sort.

My first thought was "you're still in business?". However, I'm glad to here that they're still around and that there's enough interest in old RPGs to keep a couple companies going. I've long since lost the interest and the time to play even electronic RPGs (to which for some wierd reason I never developed an interest in), but I figure I might pick up one of their prints in my part to keep them going, or use this last chance to pick up some of their art.

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