Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Illegal Fun

I've read innumerous hit pieces and comments against Japan's very restrictive immigrant policies, and I'll bet they're kicking themselves in the head and ready to change their ways after the many reconquista marches around the U.S. I love how the marchers were all prone to bad mouthing Bush even though he had put out one of the most lenient proposals. Shows what pandering gets ya' I guess.

I love this bitty as well (from here):
We actually know quite a lot about immigrants from Mexico, which is what the current political controversy is largely about. In the view of Mexicans in Mexico, on the whole, those who emigrate to America are people who don't have what it takes to make it in Mexico. So, they come to America where life is easier. In contrast, almost nobody from the middle or upper classes in Mexico leaves Mexico. They like it there.
I've never sought a straight answer, but a handful of Hispanics* have given me a 'spoiled babies' vibe whenever the topic of Mexicans come up. It's easy to see why; many another country would kill (literally) for Mexico's location and resources, but the Mexican economy seems to be adept at little more than abusing and exporting its people; and then bitching about it.

Anyway, I'd imagine that many other immigrant communities bear no great love for the Mexicans since it appears they're out to ruin it for everyone.

*(Although I'd love to say that I've broached this subject with a wide variety of a large number of Hispanics, it's not exactly something you bring up in casual conversation. Kind'a like black people and O.J./Rodney King).

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