Thursday, April 27, 2006

Benevolent Dictatorship

A bit tech-nerdy, but this is amazing:
Microsoft has a version of their software development package which they are giving away for free. Combine this with the free version of SQL, the boatloads of documentation and training that can be had on their site and it will look like Microsoft is trying to roll and smoke the freeware zealots out there.

Since would be developers can pick this skill up on the cheap, what will be the first product they think to develop with when assigned a task at work? Microsoft has been well skilled in this backdoor attack on it's competitors by flooding the workplaces of America with people who are skilled with their products. In this manner they have reversed the traditional business model and are giving the 'blades' away for free so that they can sell more 'razors'.

"But Sandmich", you say "what about the Linux folks? The razors are free with them." Yeah, but instead of getting razor blades, you get a block a medal and are told what a great thing it is that you don't have to have some working razor blade that was pressed by 'THE MAN'. That's great if you have the equipment to press them yourself, but a waste of time for the rest of us.

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