Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Victim Complex

(Just dropping this post off to note that I'm still alive. I'm cramming for another inane M$ exam and will be tied down for the next two weeks, unless I don't pass the first time in which case it will be four. My study material has grown exponentially from test to test, so I'm sure by the final test that I'll look like one of those aliens on Star Trek that have ass cheeks on the back of their heads. Also as an fyi, a buddy noted something to do with my comments and I then noticed that I had several comments stuck in Blogger going back a couple months. Apologies on that, a belated thnx for the comments!)

I noticed during the recent Olympics how...sensitive the South Koreans are. Civic pride and all are nice (if not enviable), but jeez. Even NBC couldn't play down the country's fervent attitude towards their speed skating team and I recalled the fact that about once a year someone dies over there from going on an all night-day-night bender of Starcraft. The only thing that I could come up with to explain the attitude was a sense of superiority derived from a bottomless well of victim hood.

Anyway, despite the racist reputation the Japanese have, I've never seen a picture equivalent to the one below from Japan:

And as well, how about another one of those anti-Japan art projects from the South Korean kids (judging by the quantity, I'd say they account for at least 80% of the output):

The Americans and the French(?) abandoning Japan in favor of South Korea? I've no idea what the Korean in the picture means, though I'd doubt that America would like to join the South Koreans in licking North Korean boot. (The French on the other hand are a different story...)

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Evil Sandmich said...

I'd imagine that the Korean above the French flag says "Where is le' boot?"

I did have another thought on this, and that was that if the Japanese showed up on the California coast during the war (or at any other point) and wiped out a few towns and made off with our women, we'd probably think a little worse of them as well.