Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Phallus Phun

Geez, from HERE (link basically NSFW) (begrudging thnx to Sushicam):
The Hounen festival at Tagata shrine is one of the most famous (or infamous?) festivals in Japan. Amongst foreigners visiting Aichi Prefecture it is frequently referred to as the "penis shrine", or "Japanese penis festival", primarily due to the ancient Hounen Matsuri (a festival celebrating fertility and renewal), which is held here every March 15th.

Every year on March 15 a huge two and a half meter wooden phallus is carried the short distance between two shrines attracting visitors from all over Japan and international media attention.
Mildly amusing (and disturbing) to be sure (check out Justin's site for more Phallus Phun, NSFW of course). However, by the look at the fertility rates over there, I'd say these type of things either aren't working, or they don't hold them enough, one or the other (or it's just another instance in a long line of examples of an excuse to be perverted).

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