Monday, February 06, 2006

NoKo's Architecture

In the early nineties a South Korean firm was responsible for building what was then, the tallest building in the world (if I recall correctly, it’s that funky two tower Malaysian deal, but I might be wrong). Well the North couldn’t be shown up like that, so they began building the monstrosity below, shortly before the Soviets stopped sending them checks...

Click to view the full horror

Up until the late nineties, the North was careful not to take visitors too close and the ‘tour guides’ would make comments about how it was going to have a bowling alley, and fifty movie screens or some crap like that. Later, they stopped mentioning it all, but they still didn't let anyone close to their national embarrassment. This is, by far, the best photo I've seen of it.

The construction appears to be of a concrete press form type that my buddy had commented as easy to build, but begins self destructing right away (think of a sidewalk); and since its all one piece, refurbishment is damn near impossible. It's only a matter of time before the earth reclaims this bad boy.

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Matty D said...

Yeah, the twin towers you think of are the Petronas Towers, which have recently been surpassed by Taipei 101 in Taiwan. If I remember right, either the new WTC or some new Trump building wants to be taller.