Friday, February 24, 2006

Malkin Notes #2

Mr. Kendall has his post up on Michelle Malkin's talk at Oberlin (my first is here). The 'money quote' comes when he discusses a sheet that was passed around that implored the idiots students not to engage in bad behavior, why? What was their motivation for handing out such a thing?

Translation: We know Malkin and people who think like her don't belong on campus, but please don't let her anomalous intrusion result in the outside world getting a peak behind our carefully crafted "Potemkin village" facade of intellectual inclusiveness.

A couple other things stuck out to me, which due to his job, probably didn't phase Eric very much.

First, I was surprised that some of the grand inquisitors actually defended bogus, race baiting crimes, AND the Muslim cartoon riots. What are these people thinking? They always prefaced their remarks by saying "Now I'm not defending...", but then of course they would go on to do exactly that. This a really old ploy that's so tiresome that I was surprised people would still try to pull it off, some others...

  • "I'm in the college Republicans..." = "Much like at least half the guys in the audience who are claiming to be lefties, I've discovered that mouthing some concerned political views is a great way to get some tail from like minded females. Otherwise, my political opinions wouldn't extend much beyond what brand of beer to drink while watching sports."
  • "I don't label myself left or right..." = "I'm a liberal..."
  • "Now I'm not liberal..." = "I'm a communist..."
  • "Thank you for coming Ms. Malkin, I really like...." = "I hate you with my entire mortal being and I hope my question causes you such distress that you'll hang yourself in shame!"

As an additional note, some caring Muslim technophiles (or sympathizers thereof) saw fit to launch a DoS attack against Michelle Malkin's web site yesterday.

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