Thursday, February 16, 2006

Left Wing Dudgeon Dungeon

Read 'em and weep, Mr. Kendall caught a bit where Michelle Malkin was to give a talk at a local University.

I remember at one point in my life, I actually liked being on college campi - the openness, the youth and vigor, the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge, etc. I guess I've soured in my old age since I've come to the conclusion that colleges are just a centralized forum where the ill informed and self righteous congregate to polish each others poles (I think Rush Limbaugh said it once that the first word is 'circle' and the second word rhymes with 'Turk').

Michelle gave a good talk and then bravely went on to answer questions; although it wasn't bravery from an intellectual standpoint, but from tortuous boredom. Probably at least 80% of the assembled mass was there to 'get' Mrs. Malkin, but their own scope of knowledge was so shallow and points so vague that I felt myself dozing off.

The look on her face sums up the Q&A session for me

Of course when my buddy (who shall go unnamed) who works at a college said the Q&A reminded him of his teaching responsibilities, it cemented the fact for me that I'd rather be a garbage man than work at a university. There's more self righteous piety in those places than you're ever going to find in any church, mosque, or temple.

I noticed something about the guys as well: there weren't any. What were left were a bunch of self castrated, metrosexuals who were probably raised by some weak mother and/or absolute pussy of a father.

Metrosexual #562 poses another stupid question to Michelle

One more note, another friend has been hyping Macs to me for some time. There's a lot to like, but every time I start developing a shine to the idea I see some, ahem, 'Broadway choreographer' using one. Lo and behold there was some eunuch metrosexual blogging the event on his snazzy Powerbook. Time to start from scratch again buddy, just thinking about using one of those things makes the old groin feel like I'm jumping into an ice cold ocean.

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