Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Comic Bomb

I've thought that the solution to these Muslim comic strip riots is that the press should print more of them; just kick them in the teeth everyday like the press regularly does to Christians. Christians eventually learned that it was better to ignore the perp and not give his blasphemy any more publicity than it deserves and in turn the perps in question lost interest in egging people on. Only in this way will the Islamic weirdoes of the planet learn to cool their jets over every perceived slight so that they can concentrate on real issues, like Muslims being killed and repressed by other Muslims.

Well thank goodness a handful of people still have some balls. They started a related thread over at Fark ('Sitcom situations for Mohammed', thnx LGF), and like many Fark threads, most of it is crap and broken links, but then there are doozeys like this...

And for those that didn't catch it, this SA bit was amusing as well.

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