Monday, January 16, 2006

Slave to the Wage

As usually happens this time of year, my birthday falls around MLK day, and inevitably two questions come up, and I'll answer them here in order to make a permanent record:
Q: Do you get off work for MLK day?
A: No, they actually make something at where I work and places that aren't bloated ticks on the butt of society can't get away with not coming in on random days.

Q: Do you get off work for your birthday?
A: No, I work for a living.
I should note that I have had exactly one job where I did get off for MLK day. When I worked for IBM, so many of their customers were banks and gov/ed type places that it wasn't worth it for their field service people to come in that day.

I've heard of the rare places that let you off for your birthday, but I've never had the luck of working at one.

(Update: Unamazingly, GM was closed for MLK day)

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