Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Testing

I passed yet another inane Microsoft exam today, and for anyone who might do a search on it, the 70-291 prep guide put out by Microsoft is pretty much worthless (I can't say how worthless because then the Microsoft thugs will get me). Seems it's not enough to have vague questions and training material from Microsoft, but the whole testing concept needs to be vague as well; making the whole charade a crude filter rather than reflection of actual ability.

This exam also continues a long trend in training materials that teach you worthwhile facts, but fail to pass along the (worthless) knowledge required to answer the insane questions posed on the tests (not 'insanely hard' per se, just 'insane'). I was ready to strangle the idiot who developed this pile of puke by the time I was done taking it.

Anyway, I needed a score of '700' or better to pass. My score? 700

What's the '700' relate to? Who in the hell knows, the score is vague as well.

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