Monday, January 23, 2006

More 24

To Jack Bauer, or to not Jack Bauer. A quandary again whether or not to sit through another season of 24, and National Review sums it up better than I:
The barrage of subterfuge tends to blast the show into a plausibility-free stratosphere, drifting happily outside the reaches of the believable. But even as the show hemorrhages logical coherence, it bulks up on rocket-fueled suspense.
This year it's more easily answered since Mrs. Sandmich is into watching it. The topper from last year (to me) was when Jack out-thought an ACLU-esque attorney so that he could get to breaking the fingers of his client in an effort to extract some much needed info. (Leading me to think that U.S. intelligence could do with fewer 'Mr. Beans' and more 'Jack Bauers').

Here's to hoping that they keep the 'Oh come on now!' portions to a minimum this time around.

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