Thursday, January 05, 2006

Monkey Business

From Male monkeys prefer toy cars, females like dolls:
Just like human boys and girls, male monkeys like to play with toy cars while female monkeys prefer dolls, a research project has shown.
This intriguing discovery is one of many signs of deep-rooted behavioral differences between the sexes that scientists are exploring with the latest tools of genetics and neuroscience.
'Intriguing'? Only a university type could find such a meticulous finding of the obvious intriguing. How about some more?

Many studies have shown that men tend to be better at mathematics and spatial reasoning while women outdo men in verbal and language skills.

For example, in a computerized maze-searching experiment, it took females five minutes longer than males to find their way to a goal, according to Scott Mowatt, a psychologist at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Women are better at talking? Someone call the Pope! This is real news!
Next up: Historians find that Hitler was a mean guy and English majors find that they've wasted their lives.

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