Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'd read a series of fantasy novels which had many great lines, but the one that's stuck with me (because it was the last one, making it easy to remember) was a 'gift which cannot be thrown away is not a gift, but a trap'. So true I've thought. Not that I frown upon any gifts, recent or otherwise, but this saying is a great self-justification to avoid becoming a pack rat, especially when it comes to gifts that have a short lifespan. Clothing comes to mind; if one was to hold onto an article of clothing that was a gift from someone long after it was worn out, then one is 'trapped' into owning something they can no longer use.

This is also a good guide for giving gifts. Typically when I give a gift, I'm transferring ownership and I could typically care less if the giftie takes it out to the firing range. It's not my design that everything I give should turn into a permanent memorial to my presence (just most things...).

However, I've found an exception to this with a Christmas present from a buddy:

Now this enters into another well known school of thought, in particular that which deals with antiquities. Do I truly 'own' such a gift? Not really, I am merely borrowing it for a short time before it is passed down to another generation :-).

(BTW, Thanks for all the great gifts this season everyone!)

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