Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I'd long been a fan of the breakfast product goetta: a 'starchy sausage' made out of cut oats and pig lips and anuses which was an invention of German immigrants in Cincinnati. Although every bit as unhealthy as regular sausage (if not more so), one company makes a respectable veggie version which is quite faithful to the taste of the 'meat' goetta (though, thankfully, it lacks the livery overtone that many meat goetta varieties exhibit).

Being such a regional treat, it's nowhere to be found outside of the Cincinnati tri-state area and when I got a jonsin' for some, I discovered a (hillbilly) product that went by the name of scrapple that was essentially the same thing, though made with corn instead of oats. I hesitantly picked some up from the grocer and after cooking it, found it had a flavor not all too dissimilar to scent that pet-toilet carpet exhibits when it's torn up in the process of being discarded. Needless to say, it went in circular file and my quest for a goetta substitute was thwarted.

Recently though, my sister-in-law-to-be was over and she went on to describe a tasty dish her family was going to be making later. I'm into new foods, so I asked how it was made. She said it was called 'pon haus' and that it consisted of pork mixed with corn and...

"Whoa!" says I, "you mean scrapple!" I then went on to relate my sorry experience and then spent the better part of the evening ridiculing my brother over his part in the future project.

However, it wasn't long before Mrs. Sandmich came to the conclusion that I was wrong, even in absence of any evidence (I've no idea how that habit formed ;-) ) and she then went on to make her own batch of pon haus, which I derided the entire time. She fried some up....

...and made me taste it. Needless to say, I was made to eat crow (and a loaf of pon haus) after I discovered it closely resembled the taste and texture of goetta; and not the crappy "lips and anuses" kind either. This was like 'super goetta' since it was made from a decent cut of pork. It's taken all my willpower to keep from frying myself into cardiac arrest with my new found bounty.

I, of course, appologize for ever doubting you on this future-sis, though I probably would have been a pain about it anyway ;)

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