Thursday, December 01, 2005

U.N. Body Endorses Cultural Protection

France? Now there's an example everyone should follow!
From U.N. Body Endorses Cultural Protection:
The measure passed at a time of growing fear in many countries that the world's increasing economic interdependence, known as globalization, is bringing a surge of foreign products across their borders that could wipe out local cultural heritage. France, for instance, has long kept measures in place to protect its film industry against imports, notably Hollywood productions.
Much like any other product, if it doesn't have to compete, it will become mediocre, and it doesn't get much more mediocre than French cinema. How funding lazy artists and making your people pay more for imports is supposed to make your culture stronger I have no idea. Europe has some of the best artists in the world in areas where they do compete, why are they holding them back?

In the vote, only Israel sided with the United States. Four countries abstained.
Why on Earth did Japan feel they had to vote for this?
Oh yeah...

(I'm late in posting this because I wasn't able to confirm whether or not Japan actually voted for this, or was in the abstain column. After a month of research, I've determined that I'm too lazy to look anywhere else but that one article to find out for sure).

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Matty D said...

The really big issue right now is EU protection of European agriculture industry. It's extremely inefficient in the world economy, but it gets approximately 50% of the EU's budget in subsidies each year.

The cultural aspect is introduced because it is supposedly very "European" to farm...they've had their farms for generations. Yet, they can opt out of farming their land in exchange for 70% of a "good year's" take.