Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nigeria and Morons

There's a story traveling around the net about how Nigerian con men are still hoodwinking people with their outrageous scams:
No one here seems to know exactly how much money changes hands in 419 fraud, very little of which is reported. But last month, two men were convicted of fraud after a gullible and corrupt bank employee in Brazil was convinced to send so much money -- $242-million to help win a fake airport contract -- that the bank from which he was embezzling actually collapsed.
The money quote, though, is this one:
And although the e-mail scams are only a sliver of the staggering amount of fraud that goes on here, Nigeria's anti-corruption officials are keen to crack down on it. "It hurts us. The foreign investment is not coming in the way you would expect six years into democracy and that comes from how we are perceived abroad: as the haven of Internet fraud," said Osita Nwajah, spokesman for the national Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
Oh yeah, it must be that. Those stories about Sharia zealots sentencing a pregnant woman to death and whatnot have nothing to do with that.

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