Sunday, December 04, 2005


I keep meaning to get around to posting these shots. A church I was at recently had a long construction wall on which they had invited the young people of the congregation to write/draw stuff on. Most of it was of a religious nature, but some of it was, well:

It was a bit rife with anime and Aqua Teen drawings

Whatever the merits of AT, I don't think a couple of moon men whose favorite hobby is flipping the bird are wholly appropriate for young people or a church graffiti board.

It needs to be said though that this was a medium sized 'mega church'. While there, Mr. Kendall made some comments about some of the perceived beliefs of the congregation, but I failed to point out that mega church's usually suffer from a lack of any specific beliefs of any kind. This is a ready explanation for why this material might be tolerated, as well as the literature with generic meaning that was lying about.

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