Monday, December 12, 2005

Bragging Rights

Just a thought that's been bothering me for a couple days.

It grates me a bit when people sit around and brag about their kids; as if they're going to let on that they think they're going to be the next Jeffery Dalmer or something. I speak of younger kids to be sure. A guy who used to work at my workplace had two kids in the military and I enjoyed hearing about them; but some other people have three year old kids and they'll brag endlessly about how they can count to four and whatnot.

However, I've discovered something quite recently that grates me more: people who brag about how smart their dog is. If bragging about one's rug rats puts me to sleep, bragging about one's dog puts me into a coma.

1 comment:

RT said...

LoL, try being childless and petless and having to listen to all that crap.

(Of course, you're not allowed to say stuff like this in the 'real world', so I'm glad you brought it up first!)