Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sleazy CD Creator

Let me be quite clear on this: the DVD creation on Easy Media Creator 8 by Roxio may be the worst be piece of software I've ever used. Like fat in a fine piece of beef, the bugs in this crapware are marbled throughout:
  1. The interface is VERY sluggish due to an ambitious though failed attempt to semi-render the DVD in real time. This also sponges up any resources you might have, so don't even think about playing solitaire while the thing takes a minute adding a video to the menu.
  2. You cannot modify the menu tree of the DVD. A great example was when I tried to add a 'play all' button to the menu which either by design or poor software (or both) didn't work. I removed the button, rendered the DVD (which takes 3 hours, probably through no fault of the package), burned it (the software does a crap job of predicting free DVD space, so I have to use a different package to actually burn the disk), and discovered that the menu was screwed up because it didn't compensate for the button that was there and then deleted; thus my root menu was all cheezed up. Solution? I had to recreate the disk from scratch, again, because the first time I made a disk, I foolishly thought that when I reordered the menu and/or the buttons on the screen, the software would know to modify the menu tree, HA!
  3. Oh yeah sure, there's a preview for the DVD in which you can theoretically test the buttons, but it's so dog slow and prone to locking up that it's worthless.
  4. The software package also has interface issues. Click on one of the menu objects to add video, and the program will sometimes take it upon itself to choose a completely different section of the object tree to which to send you. It also uses a quirky, laggy substitute for the Windows file browser for some unknown reason.
  5. While you're doing all that, you of course have to put up with many, many crashes. I'm to the point now that I re-save the project after every tiny change. This doesn't make it much less stressful since the program has brought in bad saves as well.

The following screen shots sum up the package. The crashes say they're caused by 'video wave 7', though all I have on my PC is videowave8.exe. They wouldn't have just renamed the file to dupe you into the fact that it's an upgrade would they?

Not only is it an old version, but there's a patch for the old version that's newer than the version included in the newer package, but there's no working patch for the new version!

I will say that the version 6 of this package seemed to work better, but it won't run on the system I'm using since the C: drive is not a hard drive (long story). As well, whenever I have trouble with the Roxio packages, they harken back to the old Adaptec EZ-SCSI days of the early nineties, the Adaptec products being the great granddaddies of the Roxio stuff. Much like now, that software was crap, and didn't improve with subsequent versions. I'd love to think that in fifteen years the developers at Roxio would've been given a chance to write a decent product (the new one stinks of a corporate rush job), but I guess not.

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Evil Sandmich said...

Did I mention that there are no guidelines for the menus, so everything has to be laid out using dead reckoning? Or how about CTRL+Z to undo some typing? Well, for all that's holy, do NOT use CTRL+Z in this program - it's like spinning the wheel of misfortune.