Thursday, November 03, 2005

More Hamfisted Regulation

From Democrats defeat election-law aid for bloggers Tech News on ZDNet:
Democrats on Wednesday managed to defeat a bill aimed at amending U.S. election laws to immunize bloggers from hundreds of pages of federal regulations.
Why....I thought the Democrats were the party of the people! What was I thinking! This regulation will undoubtedly be another quasi-Eurapeon law where in it is only enforced when the powers that be (Which in this case, would just mean the Democrats since Republicans rarely feel like putting in work to bring someone down) feel like enforcing it. Will you be charged with a crime for posting stuff about elections? Who knows? You're at the tender mercies of some bureaucrat who will probably only act when some rabel rousing left wing kook starts busting his nuts about how he's not cracking down on 'right wing hate pages'.

I've brought this up before, but I'll bring it up again: how do they plan to enforce this? If my content is hosted in a foreign country, is it still privy to the regulations? Suppose I just write up a piece every now and then for an Australian blog, I don't even administer it, does that count? What if I'm a foreigner hosting on an American server? Do these idiots in Washington even think about this stuff?

In a related story, the FBI and DEA want backdoors put into VOIP products:

An attorney, Kurt Opsahl, from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the litigants in the suit against the FCC, wrote in his blog recently that the FCC's rules will require Internet broadband providers and VOIP providers to build "backdoors" into their networks to make it easier for law enforcement to "listen in on" private communications.
Now how do they plan to enforce this? Skype is a foreign entity owned by an American company, does it need a backdoor, even if you never connect to regular phone lines, even though the software is capable of it? How long do you think ANYONE will use this product, particularly foreigners, when they learn that Uncle Sam has all the hacks for that package?

That's why those control freaks love the idea of the U.N. controlling the net. Only those corrupt despots might have a shot at putting all the technology on the planet under their iron boot.

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