Thursday, November 17, 2005

Live 3D

Justin links to a live concert put on by a virtual rock group. This was semi-big news in tech circles, but it brought to mind some of the technical highlights I've noticed with professional football games on TV.

By now, many have seen the virtual first down line. Of course after working on that for a couple years, we now have the red fourth down line and the area marker for field goal range. Less noticed are the bumper highlights. I seem to recall back in the early eighties, if they even had bumper highlights, they would be put together from the previous season's games. It's progressed leaps and bounds to the point that I'm now seeing fully scored bumper highlight reels put together from the drive that just completed before the game was sent off to commercial land, necessitating the said bumper.

This past Sunday Fox (I think it was Fox) had something even more impressive when they put in a virtual scoreboard, complete with video, above a stadium in a LIVE video shot. That was almost scary, allow me to reiterate my shock - they were modifying a live video signal by putting in a 3D object into the scene in a very believable way. It was so crisp that the non-tech savvy may not have even caught it since it looked like an additional giant scoreboard on the stadium (if I recall correctly, they had replaced a bank of lights so that it looked like the light supports were holding up the scoreboard).

That one scene from the Arnold movie 'The Running Man' sprang to mind, but even in that futuristic look, the artists were modifying a taped copy.

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Justin said...

That sounds pretty cool. The dynamic ads they run on the sidelines of sports events bug the hell out of me, though.