Sunday, October 16, 2005

Total Gas

From HERE:
The world could run out of time to develop cleaner alternatives to oil and other fossil fuels before depletion drives prices through the roof, a leading Dutch energy researcher said on Thursday.
Oh no!
Ton Hoff, manager of the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, said it could take decades to make alternatives affordable to the point where they can be used widely, although high oil prices were already stimulating such research.
Oh well okay! Even he sees that as the price of oil rises, it brings alternative products to market. Makes sense.
That's why we need to use fossil fuels in a more efficient way to have some more time to develop these alternatives up to a level where the robustness is guaranteed and their price has come down ... This could take decades for some technologies.
Umm, okay. Won't the high prices do that anyway. Or are you looking to lower the price so that these new products won't make it to market?
ECN, one of Europe's leading energy research institutes, is working to improve or develop new technologies to boost efficiency and lower the costs of power production from wind, solar and biomass, he said.
I've got an idea, ECN can mail me their money, and I'll flush it down the john, and I'll save them a bunch of time and effort!

I figured this article is as good a place as any to stress the fact that, for the last time, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PRICE GOUGING ON FUEL. It seems that this ranks right up there with little green men, black helicopters and homeopathic medicine - stuff that people will believe in no matter what the evidence is to the contrary. As well, with lefties lurking about looking to get a piece of energy company profits (I guess once the government gets a piece, THEN the prices will go down; and I dine on smoked dodo bird every night!); but I wonder if they'll be as anxious to send them in a check when there's a loss. I guess that's what's going down since the hurricanes tore up a bunch of platforms. BP in particular is forecasting a cut in revenue, are lefties gonna break out there check book to help them out?

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