Sunday, October 30, 2005

That Funky Beat

Okay dad, I surrendered and bought it off the Russians:

Not to date myself too much, this music is just slightly before my time. I'm old enough, though, to have developed a deep hatred of much of what the seventies produced. I remember when I was little, my mom gave a little radio to me to listen to; oh the sounds that came out! The Bee-Gees and the two dozen other losers that produced a sick, syrupy sound that's not totally unlike the taste of third rate Mexican candy. I more than readily threw ABBA into the same group, along with leisure suits, puke green and orange colored furniture and ugly politics (Jimmy Carter? Worst president of the modern era, sorry).

However, my Launch radio played ABBA along with my other dance tunes, and I was pretty amazed at how well they'd held up, especially compared to their contemporaries of the era. Overall, it's some of the best produced music to come out of decade.

This brings me around to one of the ugliest parts of the radio dial - 'Classic Rock'. (Time to make some enemies, yes?)
What absolute crap. I hate to break it to fans of the era, but Led Zepplin and a handful of Stones tunes are the only meaningful additions to the 'rock' genre from that decade.
  • Pink Floyd? They were making overproduced crap before the proper technology existed to make overproduced crap sound like something other than fingernails on chalkboard (modern Pink Floyd? Much better).

  • The Who? Yuck, caterwalling at its worst; I lost heart seeing 'Who's Best' on Matty D's (now deleted) site (to say nothing of CSI). I harbored a secret hope that the fascination with The Who would die out with the passing on of those who remember them.

  • AC-DC? The band that repeatedly puts out the same (crappy) song with different lyrics?

  • Kiss? Being a pioneer in 'big hair- glam rock' is like being the first person to go to the local Chinese restaurant - just because you came back alive, doesn't make it a worthwhile pursuit. The money that chased this group eventually begot such horror as Firehouse and Winger.

  • And one of the worst, that god-awful ZZ-top sunglasses song; I'd rather listen to a cat getting an enema.
If other people can listen to that stuff without shame, I've nothing to feel bad about (I think...).

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