Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sandmich Talks About 'THAT'

From Culpepper Log on the Toledo riot:
You've really got to be a major jackass to make self-described Nazis start to look good, but these Toledo residents have managed to do it. Rioting is just far, far worse than a few idiots with swastikas talking some trash. As riots unfolded before the Nazis even started, the city cancelled their march for them, and sent them packing. They apparently left peacefully and without any incident on their part.
As you can probably tell from some previous posts of mine, I'm royally sick of this "can't talk about that" bit. Beating the truth out of a story like this is damn near impossible. Friggin' Jerry Springer was on the radio this morning already doing his best to direct blame towards the Nazis, though local radio said, as one might expect, that it was an occasion for the gangs to congregate and cause trouble - the Nazis were merely an excuse. It could have just as well been free ham night at the local Walmart or something. Continuing...
Not to put too fine a point on this, but the local Negroes here did about a thousand times more to make their point for them than some handful of Nazi idiots could ever possibly have done. If they had simply ignored them, these dozen odd schmucks with police escort would have simply looked like pathetic museum pieces. Or if the locals unstrategically but understandably had lined the streets and cussed the Nazis, the Nazis would have still just looked like fools.

But the first sign of someone merely even planning to say things they didn't like became an excuse to go burning and looting. What? This is just exactly the kind of behavior that Nazis or Klansmen would accuse them of.
Of course, 'community actions' like this begets more crap like this:
David Lewis, 35, a Wal-Mart employee who has been living on Bronson since 1979, said frustrations have been mounting for years because of a lack of city services in North Toledo.

"My question is: What do we do tomorrow?" he asked. "The source of the problem is you have not put something in the neighborhood to help kids. Nobody's addressing the real situation."
The REAL SITUATION? My God, no one would dare address the REAL SITUATION! Not if they wanted to maintain employment and not have to have 24 hour protection services.

That reminds of another story. Cleveland recently had a police shooting and of course there was community uproar over a drug dealing felon getting shot while he was trying to take a police officers weapon. By this point, we can all do the paint-by-numbers as to how this is going down. However, they were interviewing a local woman who had gone to a meeting on the shooting and she stated that they (the local authorities, not the criminals) are not telling the "whole truth". THE TRUTH? I'll lay the REAL SITUATION on ya': you'd rather die by the hands of your own ethnic group than live free under the auspices of another. You'd rather raise a generation of criminal, spoiled brats than actually implement some self discipline. You'd rather blame someone else for your problems and ask for a check (or "government services") than do some self reflection on the real root causes.

On this news I was reflecting again on the derisive term of 'oreo' used by American Blacks. It, of course, refers to someone that is black who is making the lack of effort being put forth by the others in their ethnic group look bad. I found it amusing to read that Chinese (and no doubt Japanese and Korean) immigrants call their kids who don't work hard enough 'twinkies'. Interesting contrast that. Now....I wonder which ethnic group is more successful.....

(Cox & Forkum put up a good cartoon on this subject)
(Drudge recently had a post about the crime stats in America; the money chart (which had to be scoured for) is here).
(As a mild update, it turns our the black youths torched a white owned business (surprise). What's curious though, is that the Nazi's choose to march in an area that's an old Polish neighborhood - i.e. immigrants AND Roman Catholic; two big bugaboos for the old racists (as a fair disclosure, the Sandmich is half Polish and Roman Catholic). I have to think that there were very few locals who had any sympathy what-so-ever for the Nazis).

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