Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Japan Is Rising

I've never given Japan's Koizumi the kudos he deserves for his recent election win. Across the planet, countries are retrenching their corrupt, kleptomaniac socialist states. One has only to look at a place like Germany or France where there are riots in the streets every time a benefit is threatened to be cut, and shortly before the reformers are being voted out of office - the insane truly run the asylum. We all hope that this will not be the course being charted for America, but Koizumi proves that a reversal in course can be sold, AND can be performed (hopefully). This puts him as on the right side (in every way) of just about every other leader on the planet, with the possible exception of Australia's John Howard.

From TCS: Tech Central Station - New Japan Is Rising:

Koizumi provided some more detail about his acceleration of reform in his first address to the new parliament, on September 26. As well as pushing through the post office sell-off as a priority, he said he would privatise the remaining eight government banks, cut public service numbers and salaries, and overhaul the relationships between central and local governments.
It's good to know at least someone is carrying the torch!

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