Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Ohio

I'm finally getting around to posting the pic I took of my congressional representative, Dennis Kucinich, my personal hero (not):

The best congressman Northeast Ohio money can buy

This brings me around to the raft of issues on the Ohio ballot this November:
  • Issue 1: the state's $2 billion bond package to fund infrastructure and high-tech development.
  • Sandmich Sez: A repeat to the corporate welfare bill floated by Bob Taft a year or two ago. If you're given to write checks to old Gov. Taft so that he can take a cut and give the rest to his cronies, you might want to support this measure, otherwise if you are not an idiot, this measure is a loser. (Although this issue failed the last time it was floated, it passed in Northeast Ohio, which certainly says something about the residents, no?)
  • Issue 2:Issues 2-5 are part of the 'Reform Ohio Now' campaign. This one Makes it easier to vote by allowing all Ohioans to vote by mail.
  • Sandmich Sez: How an initiative that increases fraud and that makes our already lazy civic participation even lazier is 'reform' I have no idea. Bad idea, but it probably passes.
  • Issue 3:Helps stop the influence of big money in elections by greatly reducing campaign contributions.
  • Sandmich Sez:Waste of time and money. It will no doubt create another failed bureaucracy to (not) enforce more pointless laws. Takes a dump of on the first amendment as well. It probably passes too.
  • Issue 4:Stops the politicians from drawing their own legislative districts and puts an Independent Commission in charge of this process.
  • Sandmich Sez:I'm leaning towards supporting this one. I think the RON people may have done better pushing one or two of these issues to better stress their importance rather than making a shotgun blast of issues as this one is a bit more important than the other crap they're floating. Anyway, the only people who will support this are people who don't like their reps (i.e. Dennis Kucinich). Since those people are by definition, in the minority, this issue probably goes down.
  • Issue 5:Places a bi-partisan Board of Supervisors in charge of Ohio's elections, instead of a partisan official who backs candidates and takes sides in elections.
  • Sandmich Sez: I've no idea what this is supposed to accomplish. Ken Blackwell takes Nader off the ballot and this is the thanks he gets from Ohio Dems? I think this one is up in the air to the extent that no one cares, but since it creates more bureaucrats, I can't say as I care for it

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