Tuesday, September 20, 2005

J Gum

I finally worked up the nerve to buy a little Japanese gum pack that they sell down at the local Asian market:

My 'fat Italian chef Chinese noodles' provide scale'

Ultimate Muscle!

I love the toon (the art and character are from the first few episodes, which would have aired many years ago in Japan, how old is this....), but upon opening the package, I thought my worst fears had been realized when the smell of 'deranged toxic apple' hit my nose. My experience with foreign candy (apart from most European candy) has been decidedly mixed. It seems to range from edible (i.e., nothing special, but perfectly edible) to absolutely horrific (i.e. the hard 'candies' from the Caribbean and Japan that tasted like cough drops, yum!).

Fortunately in this case, the candy tasted nothing like its scent, so I might collect a couple more the next time I'm out.

(On a side note, my buddy pointed out this game. Pretty amazing for a web game, though it's too bad it doesn't support a gamepad).


RT said...

It smelled that bad and you still put it in your mouth?

Evil Sandmich said...

Well my son wasn't disturbed one bit by the smell, so I had to eat the second piece to make sure it wasn't going to kill him.