Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ethnic Zing!

From Mark Steyn, Terror war all but forgotten on home front:
Only a tiny minority of Muslims want to be suicide bombers, and only a slightly larger minority want actively to provide support networks for suicide bombers, but big majorities of Muslims support almost all the terrorists' strategic goals: For example, according to a recent poll, over 60 percent of British Muslims want to live under sharia in the United Kingdom. That's a 'moderate' Westernized Muslim: He wants stoning for adultery to be introduced in Liverpool, but he's a 'moderate' because it's not such a priority that he's prepared to fly a plane into a skyscraper.
Mildly unrelated, but from a Derb article too hot to be published:
I nearly fell out of my Barcalounger Sunday morning, watching The McLaughlin Group. The old Jesuit had Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Tony Blankley, and Clarence Page (who is black) sitting around. They were talking about Hurricane Katrina, of course. Suddenly, McLaughlin turned to Page and said: "Why the correlation between black and poor?"

Good grief, I thought, you can't ask that. People get taken off the air for less. Poor Clarence Page didn't know whether to spit or wind his watch. He mumbled something that wasn't even close to being an answer. McLaughlin, realizing his gaffe, quickly and deftly steered the talk to other topics. Everybody in the studio, and all of us out there in viewerland, started breathing again. You can't ask THAT. Nobody wants to hear about THAT.
As well, James Taranto notes a poll:
Let's look more closely at these two questions, which are questions 14 and 3, respectively, in the poll results. By 60% to 37%, blacks think the government was slow in rescuing Katrina victims for racial reasons; by 86% to 12%, whites do not think so. By 72% to 21%, blacks think President Bush does not care about black people. By 67% to 26%, whites think he does care.
Now, taking for granted that the polls are somewhere near correct (a bit of an if at times) pieces that site them don't look on the bright side: that 40% of British Muslims (whom I would guess are more radicalized than their American brethren) don't care one lick for sharia (a number large enough to build a consensus) and that somewhere around 20% of blacks think the President cares about black people. This number may seem low at first, but considering that Republicans regularly get less than 10% of the black vote, I'd say they're making progress. Is it also fair to say that 21%-37% of American blacks think the racist demagoguery some lefties are applying to the hurricane relief effort is as disgusting as I think it is? Probably.

(On a side note, on 9-11 of this year, I had better than a dozen hits on this photo. Must'a showed up in a Google image search orsomething.)

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