Friday, July 08, 2005

Limits of Compassion?

Some people took it upon themselves to make a Flickr pool on the London bombing. There's been noise about how Brits are used to such actions due to the IRA and all, but are they really? Many have noted that they basically sold out to the IRA when they learned that the IRA were only interested in screwing over over other Irishmen. Despite their military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, they're doing a pretty good job of selling out to the Islamofacists in their country as well. I'm sure if the Muslim radicals had similar limited aims of just looking to abuse their own countrymen (like the Algerians vs. France), we all would be more than happy to let them have at. Oh sure, we'd sign some checks over to assuage our guilt like we do for Africa, but our concern would probably only float above 'non-existent'. Unfortunately, though, their aims are completely divorced from any plausible ends.

(This brings to mind some stories about how the Iran-Iraq war was truly one of the nastiest conflicts the planet has known. But who cares? I mean really...)

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