Friday, June 24, 2005

Korean Hate Watch

Justin links to a site that has pictures of an art display in Korea that consists of art produced by school kids. The one that stuck out at me was the one below...

A volcano, which is quite noticeably in North Korea, spewing forth destruction upon Japan. It reminds me of the story told by an American visiting North Korea where he saw Korean schoolkids, who were actually inhabitants of Japan, singing patriotic songs (i.e. commie) about the destruction of the U.S., Japan, etc. Old Kim knows how to play this up, and I often question how much more the apparently ignorant South Koreans trust the Loon of the North over Japan.

Update (6/25/05): Eric dropped me a note to bring up the fact that these works of art are from South Korean School kids. I didn't think to note it since the country is always depicted as one in map form on the art, so obviously they themselves don't see much of a difference (though they always use the South Korean flag instead). Unification may be a dream of some sort for the South Koreans, but they should draw some caution from the woes of German re-unification.

Update (6/27/05): I chanced upon the web site of the American who visited North Korea, this is what he said:
One of the largest North Korean hard currency sources is donations from these 'overseas compatriots' in Japan. Chances are, if you've ever played pachinko in Japan (since most pachinko parlors are owned by these Korean-Japanese) a part of what you paid was donated to North Korea.

The students we saw were part of a North Korea affiliated high school in Japan. While we talked and took pictures they took turns breaking into smaller groups to sing songs eulogizing the two Kims, North Korea, Juche, etc. The singing and, apparently very real, fervor were unbelievable. Even Mr. Baek was giving them some odd looks as they continued their emotional, non-stop singing. To grow up in a place as modern and open as Japan yet still subscribe to this ideology and regime . . . wow. The memory of those earnest young faces fervently singing away is one of the strongest of the whole trip.

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