Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I liked the first DDR MAX, but the lack of any feedback from the game made the point at which songs were unlocked feel completely arbitrary. We had played it for a while with what we thought were all the songs when my son unlocked one months after the previous song had been unlocked (even though it was played near constantly). Although the song, 'DROP THE BOMB', appears in other versions, I believe this is the only time this particular mix makes an appearance. I looked it up on the Internet and found that you had to play 500 songs in order to unlock it (or beat the virtually impossible Oni hardcore mode). Of course it wasn't but a few months later that the memory card that contained the save was stolen while I was traveling. Depressed that the fruits of so much physical activity (unusual for me ya' know) were stolen away, I was left with only one alternative (well two, but I didn't want to fork out $40 for the privilege) - play DDR Max until DROP THE BOMB was unlocked again, which I did this morning; more than a year after the last one was taken.

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