Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bento Watch #18

My buddy sent me over some mystery Japanese packed goods and I decided to check one out today:

It appears to be some sort of canned dim sum (steamed meat dumplings), though they weren't literally canned, just vacu-sealed. They came with a wasabi powder that's...well I don't know since the whole package is in Japanese; so I put it in the steam water. I packed them in this microwavable bowl that my sons $1 ramen noodles came in. Good move since after one taste of these foul little stinkers, I didn't have to feel bad about sealing them up and throwing the whole dam thing away (no wonder he sent them to me...). I also had some noodle thing that's somen instead of ramen and comes with a miso paste for a soup base. Pretty tasty, though not radically different from regular ramen noodles.

Now yesterday though...

My workplace gets deli trays from the local grocery store for their 'working meeting lunches' (which yesterday happened to be with the PO'd Japanese customer of our plant). I never have to attend these wretched affairs myself, but I'm always more than free to make myself a 'dagwood' with the several pounds of top grade cold cuts that are inevitably left over; because no one at those meetings has the balls to make a sandmich like I make 'em!

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