Sunday, May 08, 2005

Weekend Bum

Welcome to scenic (really) Harrison, Ohio:

I may have been a little lazy, but I'm quite paranoid that someone may be reading over my shoulder when I'm doing a post, and the only computers I had access to over the weekend were of that type, not that I would've posted anything anyway (I'm quite certain the world can do without 'The Adventures of Sandmich's Barium Coated Innards'; but BTW, if you do the barium thing, you better hope you're dying from something).

I was in Cincinnati to work and catch up with a bit of a family reunion. While I was down, I went to my first Japanese steak house. The whole idea generally gets roundly mocked for being inauthentic, but a good portion of the experience rang fairly true (particularly the co$t) for me. I told my dad that the main thing they could do to make it authentic would be to shrink the restaurant by half and keep the same number of seats. Degrading the service wouldn't hurt either. :-)
Here's some shots...

The chef makes a show with the eggs.

Flaming onion volcano.


On one hand, I wish they had authentic green tea ice cream, but on the second hand, Americans will actually eat the tasty take they have on it here. (Afterwards we went to a grocery store down the street that I know has imported green tea ice cream, but my cravin' wasn't strong enough to warrant a purchase).

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