Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Test

Mr. Kendall sent over an Internet test that attempts to identify one's ideological perspective. Since Mr. Kendall does not partake in wanton crap-e-mail forwarding I decided to check it out. Of course the test turned out to have the same flaws as many other Internet humanity gauges, namely, a lack of scope and uncreative/biased questions. It puts up two statements that are supposed to be opposing and the user inputs to what extent he/she/it agrees with which statement. There's some zingers like the one below:

What in the hell is a 'Dangerous Idea"? If there's a book that goes into detail about how to abduct children and lock them up in your basement, then I think a consensus can be reached that taxpayer dollars have better places to go to, especially when many a bungled, mismanaged school spends so much time begging for chalk money. While I'm on the topic:

Is it not possible to believe both? I think the postal service is a wasteful, bloated monopoly, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I automatically think the private sector can do a better job. Then there are the environmental questions that are basically "Do you like current policies or do you hate the planet?" (...when did you stop beating wife?) . Trying to aim a black and white question (a'la many a 'news' poll) over issues which are more nuanced is going to give more inaccurate results than not.

(UPDATE 5/14/05: Mr. Kendall comments on this quiz. Although I'll agree with him that this one is better than most, my distaste for Internet tests in general make me a biased observer.)

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