Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Muslim's Misplaced Concern

OpinionJournal comments on the Newsweak story:
The more consequential question here, it seems to us, is why Newsweek was so ready to believe the story was true. The allegation after all repudiated explicit U.S. and Army policy to treat Muslim detainees with religious respect, including time to pray, honoring dietary preferences and access to the Koran. Yet the magazine readily printed a story suggesting that what our enemies claim about Guantanamo is essentially true. Why?
I used to subscribe to Newsweek in the early nineties, but I gave up after the bias contained therein became unbearable. I must admit though, when I first heard this story I was like "so the f$%# what? We should be giving those boys the Jack Bauer treatment!" Now that Newsweak has come clean that the story was false, I'm quite tempted to savor another example of blatant media bias.

It must be said though, what is up with the Muslims? Some crappy U.S. rag mag makes an off the cuff comment and they go out killing each other? Is their faith so weak that even the least slight is seen as an assault on their religion? One Clayton Cramer comments (thnx tks):
I know that most Muslims kept their cool - but there is something truly bizarre about the intensity of childish behavior in response. If this same crowd were this angry about Muslims being murdered, most of the Arab world's governments would have been overthrown decades ago.
Andrew McCarthy writes:
What are we saying here? That the problem lies in the falsity of Newsweek's reporting? What if the report had been true? And, if you're being honest with yourself, you cannot say — based on common sense and even ignoring what we know happened at Abu Ghraib — that you didn't think it was conceivably possible the report could have been true. Flushing the Koran down a toilet (assuming for argument's sake that our environmentally correct, 3.6-liters-per-flush toilets are capable of such a feat) is a bad thing [I guess...]. But rioting? Seventeen people killed? That's a rational response?

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