Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Micro$oft Licensing

Daddy has a new bootleg DVD case!

The tabs on the right side can lock in up to three disks in a stack. All I have to do is take off the Visual Studio 2005 crap. Which, VS2005 is in beta - who in their right mind would code an app with a beta compiler, from Microsoft no less!

I received this because my company has a licensing agreement with Microsoft. I don't know how many of you are familiar with MS's licensing schemes (hopefully no one), but they're only slightly less complicated than the U.S. tax code. And like the tax code, everyone complains about it, and efforts to 'simplify' it inevitably result in it becoming more complicated. As one example which grates me to no end, check this out - if you go to http://office.microsoft.com or http://www.microsoft.com/office you'll go to the same site. Almost all Microsoft sites are like this (like http://support.microsoft.com or http://www.microsoft.com/support ), but if you try to do the same thing with the licensing sites (http://licensing.microsoft.com and http://www.microsoft.com/licensing ) you'll wind up at two different sites. Now granted, one is slightly more worthless than the other, but one has to be accessed to get your licensing benefits (like your install keys) while the other only gives the impression that it has that information. (Oh, and even though the one site says you can download your products there, that's actually a completely different subscription site, even though the licenses are acquired in the same manner.)

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