Wednesday, May 18, 2005


From Penny Arcade!:
Every time I survive air travel, I kiss the precious Earth and swear grave oaths about ever boarding such a contraption again. I beseech nebulous powers whose existence I remember only when convenient. You would think that after so many successful sky journeys I would become enamored with the convenience and efficacy of it, but the way I actually perceive it is that I have an unknown (but limited!) number of flights total before I die in one, and each trip merely winds that diabolical mechanism.
I was never able to pin down my edginess about air travel until I read that paragraph. The first time I (was aware I) flew, I had no problem with it what-so-ever. The second time? A little edgy, but not too bad. By about my sixth crack at air travel though, I was quite nervous, not ‘hysterical scream in aisles’ mind you, but I was gleaming no enjoyment from it. Of course what my brain is doing is thus: on the first flight, the chance of something catastrophic happening was nearly 0%, but each successive flight increases the odds of 'in flight trouble'; until, I'm sure, it will be statistically impossible for me to survive another flight!

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RT said...

LOL Evil, have a good stiff drink in the airport canteen. I guarantee those statistics will *chuckle chuckle* fly right out the window.