Thursday, April 07, 2005

'Unintellectual' Left

There's been some noise lately about how biased American college campuses are against conservative views. Now of course the left reacts in such a defensive manner that it's bound to make the unaware among us curious. When it comes to conservatives and stories like this, much like stories that report left leaning views in the mainstream media, they barely elicit a yawn, i.e. "tell me something I don't know, you gonna tell me next that the world is round?". I love when lefties bring up there defense though, there's one tar baby that even the most intelligent among them can't resist getting stuck to, from The SanityPrompt:
Then again, a lot of that has to do with the fact that academia requires some rigor in thought and much of the conservative movement hasn't demonstrated much of THAT these days.
Ahh, the old conservative=stupid argument. The irony of course is that this is the laziest of intellectual arguments. It represents the baseless, insulting characterization that the arrogant 'intellectual' left holds towards conservatives, not an actual argument against the merit (or lack thereof) of the claim. As well, it basically affirms that the claim that there is bias against conservatives is TRUE since the 'stupid' argument always starts out "There are no conservatives in academia because...."

Well, if they cede the fact that there IS a bias, then their argument is nothing but a self reassuring platitude for their click; but what do they feel, or even better think, the REAL reason is?

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