Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Minuteman Project

Looks like the people in Arizona have at least whipped George Bush into doing something about friggin' securing the nations borders, from La Shawn Barber (emphasis mine):
The Minuteman Project, founded by Jim Gilchrist, a former military man, is accomplishing the goal of raising awareness of just how extensive the illegal immigration scourge really is. Some government bureaucrat must have noticed. Several days before the start of the border watch, U.S. officials decided to send 500 border agents down to Arizona. Many speculated that George Bush was embarrassed that civilians volunteered to do the job he's paid to do but so far hasn't done.
This topic obviously fires her up, sing it sister!
The bloated Department of Homeland Insecurity is considering shipping illegal aliens directly back to their hometowns instead of dropping them off at the border they just illegally crossed. Pure genius. Being that smart must be painful.

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