Monday, April 18, 2005

Man Accused of Holding Illegal Immigrants

That's some headline huh? How about "Man jailed for holding bank robber"? Have some Americans had their instincts for self preservation so dumped upon by the PC police that they're willing to give up the shop rather than risk offending someone?
The sheriff's comments earlier this week about Haab's actions included,“No civilian can take the law into their own hands.”
Well maybe if law enforcement did their friggin' job, regular citizens wouldn't have to.

On a related note, I read somewhere that Tom DeLay said something about the conflicting emotions about illegals:
I'll never forget a rather elderly lady that I was sitting by at a lunch who was just ranting and raving about all these illegals that are over here. And I said, 'Well, fine.' We got to talking. You know, she had a yard man, she had a maid, she had some illegals living across the street. I said, 'Well, I'll tell you what, I'll call up right now and pick up your maid, your yard man and the people living across the street.' [She said,] 'Oh, don't you do that. Don't you do that. I want the ones that are up there in North Houston to be picked up.'
Is that what this about? Making sure rich white people can afford their goodies? That's a great populist message: "Screw over the working stiff so that George Soros doesn't have to put out a lot of dough for his lawn care". I myself can barely afford the ocean of crap I have to buy every year to dump on my lawn to keep it from turning into a jungle, so I'm fairly certain that picking up illegals is not a concern for the common joe. At least DeLay made up for that insipid story a little bit with this comment:
The American people need to see us protect our borders and enforce our laws. And then, they'll be willing to talk about a guest-worker program...
Personally, I think the guest worker program idea is a crock whose time should never come as well, but the fact that the government can't even be bothered to enforce existing laws, and then arrests those who do, makes such an idea all the more unattractive.

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