Sunday, April 24, 2005


I won't go into the excruciatingly boring details, but my MS OSes let me down this weekend and even more surprisingly, my Linux Counterstrike server. I also had the honor of working on my wife's friend's computer which was completely owned by trojans/spyware. On her system, I confirmed a discovery I'd made earlier: Kodak distributes spyware with their camera software. I guess the spyware company distributes updates for Kodak's oh-so-valuable client (every function of which is performed better by other packages) and in exchange the spyware company gets to provide slowdowns and pop-ups to Kodak's customers.

Anyway, with some of my other time I read that a Pokemon was redesigned shortly after his debut in the States. Let's see if you can discover which one was the first design:

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Anonymous said... run a CS server? ip, please.

- Justin

Evil Sandmich said...

When it's up (which it's not at the moment) it's at (pinging will reveal the IP). Although it wasn't a public server, I'll probably tune a little bit more and hook it up to a better connection. We used to LAN game it on 1.5, but a sufficient number of people now have legal copies and I was able to upgrade it to 1.6