Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bento Watch #6

I had to burn through several items that I was worried might go bad. I have the rice in tofu pocket things (too lazy to look up the name), some lazy oni-giri/seaweed wrapped rice balls, spinach balls, lightly sauteed baby eggplants and some chicken breasts with sugar snap peas.


Anonymous said...

> rice in tofu pocket things

That's "inarizushi." The "-zushi" suffix is a modified form of "sushi." "Inari" is that sweetly flavored rice of which it's made and the kanji for "Inari" also means the "fox deity of the harvest" per Shinto belief.

- Justin

Evil Sandmich said...

Thanks, I had always thought that the sweetness was derived from sugars. I've noticed that even the most fervent sushi hater gobbles those things up; they're like candy. I'd make them more often but they sell little cans of them over here for $5 a pop, it's kinda a treat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my bad, that was misleading. I meant "sweetly flavored" as in, "sweetened with sugars during boiling," not as in "a type of rice that is naturally sweet."

Evil Sandmich said...

I was posting with about three minutes sleep, so it 'twas my bad; my brain put it together for me a couple hours later. But now you know the secret as to why my regular posts are so incoherent.