Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Standardized Idiocy

The state of Ohio has a home school charter school where-in the state buys all the school curriculum (which generally runs from one to two thousand dollars) and provides various subsidies for items required to use the service (the Internet subsidy being my favorite). As part of the deal, the child is enrolled in what is essentially a public school, and thus, a couple bare requirements have to met, one being the taking of (GASP!) standardized tests.

I just got back from a presentation on the program, and some of the parents seemed real bent out of shape about this. A couple paraphrased comments follow, and the presenter did a good job of not insulting the parents (which is probably something that should have been done, the insulting that is, not the avoidance there-of) while evading the true crux of their complaint (How do you say that being an idiot is okay?).

Parent1: When the local fourth grade got ready to take its standardized test, they did nothing but have class and homework on the test content for a month, taking time away from everything else, this program doesn't do that does it?
My Thoughts: I've never gotten what some peoples hang ups are about 'teaching to the test'. If the test is testing for reading and math skills, what in the hell is the issue with teaching reading and math? And I don't mean teaching 'non-racist math' or 'look-say reading'; that stuff will be exposed for the crap it is when the test is administered. I must mention that my first thought was to ask the guy where this school was at so that I could enroll my son, that place is obviously on the ball.

Parent2: Is there some other bar for measuring achievement other than the standardized test? My son hasn't passed a standardized test section in his life, but he's a bright kid. He's just not very good at taking tests. Is there some other way that he can prove his knowledge, because he wants to graduate and go on to college, etc.
My Thoughts: Hasn't passed a section in his life? Your son is a dolt woman, and you're a dolt for making dumb excuses for him. "..not good at taking tests" is yet another example of bragging about one's idiocy. Sorry to tell her, but everyone in Ohio has to pass at least one standardized proficiency test in order to get their diploma, may as well get him boning up on that now. I fail to see how he thinks he'll do well in college if he is not a proficient test taker.

Parent1 (again): How is evolution taught?
My thoughts: Whoa! Look at the time, I gotta get back to work!

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nate said...

"not very good at taking tests"

well, lets see... #1 it might be easier if he learned the material. #2 paying attention is also a good start.

the only way i was ever bad at tests was because i didn't know the answers.
why else would you be bad at them?

these parents seem to be willfully ignorant from what i've read so far.