Friday, March 11, 2005

Some of my best 'Friends'...

On the way in this morning, I heard an add for the 9th season DVD collection of Friends. Here's the funny bit they're using to push it (paraphrased):
Girl 1: Joe asked me to marry him!
Girl 2: Ohmagawd! But you're having Russ's baby!
Girl 1: I said yes.
Girl 2: Ohmagawd! But you're having Russ's baby!
Lordy, I tried to get into that show. I had a job where I could either stare at the wall or watch friends. After a couple weeks I choose the wall, completely befuddled as to what anyone saw in that show.

However, I was a little more befuddled when I realized this ad was being played on'urban' radio station. I listen to this station a lot because, like Friends, much of mainstream 'white people' entertainment is crap. There's a reason why so many R&B/Hip Hop acts got Grammy nominations: the stuff is flat out better produced. Even if you don't care for it, even on a technical level one would have to acknowledge that is put together way better than crap being spewed on the other side of the dial.

But 'Friends'? Are black Americans letting me down? Did they honestly watch that stuff? It would seem to be the antithesis of everything a decent ethnic group would find entertaining (i.e., white people sitting around bellyaching). I thought I could always take refuge in the fact that at least large tracts of America didn't care for that kind of thing. Of course, I guess I wouldn't be completely amazed since the radio play on the urban station in Cincinnati in the early nineties featured Michael Jackson and George Michael, two acts that couldn't get one tune played on the local pop station if their lives depended on it.

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