Wednesday, March 09, 2005

School Blues

Looks like nasty kids are up to no good again, from
Back in the fall, the teacher came home to find her house vandalized. Her landscape was ripped up. A hose was put into a dryer vent flooding her basement. Her garage door was also damaged.
The teacher and her family lived in fear, not knowing who was targeting them.
Who was partaking in these nasty acts and what was their punishment?
Two 8th grade students at Whittier ended up expelled: one for 80 days one for 40.
Whoa! Now that's harsh!
I have to ask myself, though, where is the friggin' teachers union? Is that the best they can get to protect their clients? A forty day suspension? Maybe if they spent more time looking out for the people who paid the dues, and less time screwin' around with liberal advocacy, teachers would feel safe to go into work every day.

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