Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Proud PC idiots

It seems the Sandmich will never be able to quit giving lessons in IT lunacy. I've always heard that math and computers are the only things that people will willfully admit to being idiots about, but it looks like not enough people are admitting their idiocy. From eweek:
Scott Rafer, CEO of Feedster Inc., a San Francisco-based search engine company and syndicator of XML Web content, agreed. 'We buy white-box servers, pay less for them and get support from the actual people who put those systems together for us,' Rafer said.
Ugh, it's people like this that make the jobs of techs miserable. Those white-box (i.e. generic, unbranded, home brew) systems look good when you get them in, but in a couple years, you'll need to upgrade. At that time, you'll bring some tech in who will see your setup and groan (while saying "cheap dumbass" to himself). What's inside this box of mystery? Since the company that made the thing has no doubt gone out of business, who will you call? What rev is the firmware of all the components in the box? How much support overhead are you going to be billed for on that crappy box? What a nightmare, what in the hell does a CEO of a company know about computers anyway? That's the last person in the company who should be making those kinds of decisions! (And don't tell me "he's technical", either he's a CEO who's an IT idiot, or he's a tech dweeb who's an incompetent CEO (or, even more possibly, he's incompetent in both endeavors)). Continuing on:
While that strategy might not be attractive to a large corporate user who insists on brand names, it makes sense for smaller companies and startups with limited budgets...
Small companies are the last people who should be buying this unsupported crap. With no IT department to speak of, they will be wholly dependent on outside resources to provide service and support; buying a white-box is insane in this situation since no real outside resources exist. Unfortunately though, that is all too common and idiotic articles like this in technical trade mags don't help.

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