Thursday, March 24, 2005

Miscarriage of Justice

It royally ticks me off that this guy was railroaded:
The defrocked investment banker for Credit Suisse First Boston, a unit of Credit Suisse Group (nyse: CSR - news - people ), testified that he had no corrupt intent when he sent his two-line e-mail on Dec. 5, 2000, endorsing a colleague's advice that bankers in his technology group "clean up" their files and comply with the company's so-called document retention policy, which emphasized the routine destruction of all documents not part of the final "deal file."

Here's the way the rules work boys and girls, if your company has a document retention policy, then it's the job of the company and the people in it to uphold that policy, lest they get in trouble with the law for not retaining stuff long enough and/or getting rid of stuff arbitrarily. That didn't matter to the feds in this case, they needed their pound of flesh and so an idiotic jury gave it to them (he wasn't even convicted of getting rid of anything incriminating). You lefties got to learn your lesson and look to mother Russia for a schooling on what happens when you send all the people you see as undeserving off to the gulag.

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