Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Liquored up!

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- One person is dead and three are gravely ill after a tequila-drinking competition in Santo Domingo.

The winner of the contest died. Ricardo Ivan Garcia drank more than 50 shots of tequila Sunday night at Santo Domingo's Blanc, Dance and Lounge discotheque to win the prize of $330 -- 10,000 pesos -- at a Mexican night celebration.

A prosecutor said the man died of apparent heart failure brought on by alcohol poisoning [NAH!]. Three other contestants remain in serious condition in a hospital.
This reminds me of one of my favorite stories from my trip to the Dominican Republic.

A danger is that many of the hotels down there have free booze. It is so friggin' hot, if you are outdoors you can't even drink enough water to stay hydrated. So, needless to say, the handful of times I drank alcohol during the day resulted in an instant hangover. Somehow or another though, the many Europeans there had no problem sucking down alcohol.

Then, on one of our travels in the countryside, the guide related the story of a recent European visitor. I guess an older German gentleman got a hold of a bottle of 151 Rum (which is 151 proof, or 75% alcohol) and walked around with it all day like it was his best friend. The tourists hit the beach (one of the stops for the tour) and the German took shelter under an umbrella with his bottle of booze. When the tour was wrapping up, they went to collect everyone and though they thought the German was asleep, he was in fact, very much dead.

Here's a picture of the beach where I heard the story, I can't help but imagine a dead kraut on the beach whenever I see the picture:

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